Commercial Manager – Durban

Duties & Responsibilities:

Responsible for setting sales, customer acquisition strategy and customer retention strategy.

Responsible for leading the business into new verticals based on a community orientated approach and strategic partnerships.

Reporting directly to CEO and collaborating with the Exec team to help drive customer driven retention strategies and enhance the customer experience.

Establish strong working relationships with key stakeholders across the business.

Create the processes and systems to improve our ability to analyse our performance.

Support the Regional Directors and Regional Sales Managers in identifying trends within industry and competition.

Proactively provide smart client research and industry specific information.

Establish strategies to influence growth in Lead Sources and Strike Rates per Lead Source, Consultant and Region.

Pipeline and Revenue management / forecasting on a regular basis (weekly, monthly, and quarterly)

Effectively collaborate with internal and external customers on business-related support activities, e.g. Design and implementation of differentiated and profitable tailor-made solutions, troubleshooting / Issue resolution

Act as a Brand Ambassador and represent the company at community events and other business-related meetings, promoting the company products and services

Manage and coordinate marketing and creative staff, leading market research efforts to uncover the viability of current and existing products/services, and liaising with media organizations and advertising agencies.

Build, lead, and motivate strong Sales, Marketing and Customer Service departments of the business.

Attract, train, develop and retain talent to support the different regions.

Minimum Requirements:

Proven track record of Business Development Experience.

  • Strong communication skills with a client-centric approach to solution-selling and ability to influence and articulate a value proposition based on the clients understanding of the business.
  • Excellent analytical skills with a solid understanding of revenue forecasting and management reporting

A willingness to always learn, listen, and think deeply about what customers value, and the ability to venture into unknowing terrain to execute.

·BCom degree or equivalent in Sales/Marketing

5 years + related sales and marketing management experience.

Preference given to people from a consumer orientated background / consumer focused industry with a deep understanding of human behaviour, and an understanding of how a multi revenue stream business operates.

Please email cv to [email protected]

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