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Market research has shown that companies are moving away from using recruitment agencies because of ludicrous placement fees being charged for candidates.

Many agencies are copying, pasting and sending cv’s to clients not having met with or spoken with candidates. The passion for placing suitable candidates and taking into consideration the client’s absolute need, have diminished because for many recruitment consultants, making a placement is more important than finding the client’s next Super Star.

Companies are employing Talent Acquisition Manager’s and/or posting positions on the various portals SA has to offer. Although in-house staff source candidates, more often than not they are forced to sift through 100’s of cv’s before finding suitable candidates. Valuable time is lost by going through unsuitable cv’s.

Faith CV Sourcing Specialists will assist you by sourcing your next candidate eliminating unnecessary long man hours spent going through unsuitable cv’s, taking your staff away from other important aspects of the business, which could have an effect on loss of production in the organisation; loss of production = loss of income.


  1. Exorbitant cost saving for the company i.e. no placement fees.
  2. Short-listed candidates via this Website are qualified and screened before submission to client.
  3. Eliminate your staff taking time away from their more pressing duties to interview unsuitable candidates.
  4. HR and/or decision makers not having to meet Recruitment Consultants, taking them away from other important aspects of the business.
  5. We offer 5 different services lines, giving our clients the option to choose which service line suits them best, thereby not forcing them to pay permanent placement fees.


Below, an example of what placement costs per candidate would be, on a fixed percentage  fee charged by Recruitment Agency’s.

SALARY R10 000 x 12 = R120 000 per annum x 12% placement fee = R14 400

The above illustrates the exorbitant fees paid for placing a candidate with a company and this is at a monthly salary of R10 000. The placement fees are determined by the annual CTC salary and a client could very well pay up to R130 000 for a more specialised candidate.

A minimum of 5 cv’s will be sent. Not less than 5. A yearly subscription of R789 is required when registering your business (subject to 10% annual increase).

Our company sources suitable candidates and charges for the cv’s sent ONLY, no placement fees are charged. We are not a recruitment agency, we are a CV sourcing specialist company.

What we offer

  • Sourcing permanent staff on all levels, ranging from Entry Level to Senior Management
  • We provide assistance to large multinationals, JSE listed public companies, medium-sized enterprises and small professional operations in the same committed manner
  • Five different recruitment service lines to suite your specific business needs
  • A focus on quality CVs sent, rather than quantity
  • Provide suitable CV’s within 24 hours from your company registering a new job specification
Our Process Explained

Our 16 years of experience in the industry has helped us streamline our process for both clients and candidate.

All about the details

The more detailed the job spec the better we can deliver.


Based on research and effective advertising methods.


Sourcing candidates from our database and online sources.


Screening all possible candidates before supplying CV's.

Supply CV's

Supply CV's of the most suitable, short-listed candidates.

Personal Interviews

Seeing applicants for personal interviews.

Reference Checks

Dependent on client
requirements and service line selected.

Extending Offer

Extending offer to the candidate once received from client (dependent on Service Line chosen)


Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission is simple, to help employers achieve organizational success through people. We are a internet-based 21st century human capital management solutions company keeping costs low and profits maximized for our clients. We strive to be the best at assisting employers achieve maximum success through people. There’s nothing like a mission to excite and unite people in a common goal.

Simply put, we want to be the world’s best at helping employers achieve organisational success through people. To accomplish this, we rely on five core principles that guide our business strategy, behavior and relationships:

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