Group/Divisional HR Manager

1 month notice

Based in Durban

This extraordinary candidate is a dedicated, passionate & driven individual with 15yrs experience. She is a BOARD-CERTIFIED Human Resources Professional by The South African Board Of Peoples Practices, (SABPP HRP|BCom HRM|BCom HRM Honors | HRM Diploma SABPP|ICB Financial Management |VIP/SAGE Payroll Certified and a Commissioner of Oaths.

This candidate has the ability to set priorities and meet challenging deadlines with an excellent command of English. Strong service orientation and ability to empathize with others. Self-directed and assertive individual with initiative, analytical and problem-solving skills. She can lead teams and empower staff. Ability to innovate and create new concepts, communicate, and cooperate with everyone in the organization and communicate effectively in a multicultural, multinational environment. Management of 2000+ employees.

This candidate is one of the many we have on our database. Email Reference: HR00027

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